A Missed Opportunity

Yesterday I posted an article about my experience at Mega Mart and naturally I shared it on Facebook and tagged some friends. After one of my friends finished reading the article he commented with this statement ” I can understand why you would be annoyed; however, did you ever stop to think that maybe you were led to Mega Mart because you could somehow offer some words of encouragement to lift the spirit of the seemingly unprofessional employee? Sometimes we have to learn to see an opportunity to allow God to use us to bring a blessing to others in a bad situation. What do you think?”

Immediately after reading this, I thought to myself, how many times do we get so caught up in ourselves that we miss out on a opportunity to minister? How many times do we forget that among our many duties as Christians,one of them is to minister to God’s people?

While at Mega Mart I never thought that maybe the employee just needed a word of encouragement; a word of reassurance. I never thought that though it was the Sabbath and I wasn’t suppose to be there that God lead me there for a reason. I never thought that the words I may have shared could have impacted a life for Christ forever.

Everyday we must constantly remind ourselves that we have a duty to perform as Christians and among them is ministry. Not everyone will be a pastor or an evangelist but you can play your part in ministering to God’s people by simply  being an exemplar to others. I hope you have learned from my experience, I certainly have, we must go out with the intention of seizing each and every opportunity to minister to the people of the world.



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