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Another Annoyed Customer

So….today I followed my friend to Mega Mart because she ordered a cake for Mother’s Day and well I didn’t have anything to do. We went to the pastry area and after waiting just a moment she got to speak to the employee. My friend explained to him that she was there to pick up the cake she ordered after which he went off. When he returned, he said nothing to my friend and began to serve other customers. Now, my eyebrows were raised. I became irritated. I began to nudge my friend to say something but she refused. I’ve never worked in customer service but I know there are some things that come naturally. Things like giving the customer feedback, especially if  you’ve taken a request from a specific customer like in this case.

After doing whatever he left again then, when he was back he finally decided to give us some “feedback”.Not surprisingly it was not the feedback we were waiting for. He began to tell us how the cakes are stacked this way and how he’s going to have look for it among other negligible details. Just as we thought he was going to leave, he just laid it all on; telling us he was having a bad day and “if only we knew”. I’m there thinking to myself “Dude we don’t care, all we want is the cake”. Not to be insensitive or anything, I understand that people have bad days, we all do, but as someone who is required to offer customer service wouldn’t it be tactful to leave out the details of your life and more so what’s happening behind the scenes when dealing with customers. I’m sure he wouldn’t tell a customer at KFC that his co-workers were seasoning the chicken. Then again, who am I to assume he wouldn’t?

I’m sure I am not the only who has experienced this poor level of customer service. It is something that is evident in numerous government and private organizations in Jamaica. This problem is not something to laugh about and it’s obviously not something to be proud of. I could go on and on ranting about this problem but that won’t change anything because at the end of the day I am just another annoyed customer.


7 thoughts on “Another Annoyed Customer

  1. Lool this is funny yet sad and its as you say very common. We adopt so many best practices from the 1st world countries. I believe we need to adopt/emulated some of the best practices re customer service. Without customers these business would cease to exist. Sadly, however we are the ones that make the premise of poor customer care possible.

  2. Yea, we need to ADAPT best practices with regards to customer service delivery, as well as, utilise the forum which accommodates complaints!

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