Inspired Thoughts

Little Things or Big Obstacles ?

You’ve heard this time and time again “the little things count”. The thought held by many as some sort of philosophy. We hardly find the time to pay attention to the little things. We are so caught up with the”bigger” things around us that we forget that the little things count; we neglect them.

For example,  we watch so many  shows where people have neglected to read the fine print on a contract  and go on signing the agreement, later finding out they were deceived. The fine print doesn’t seem so much of a little thing now does it?  You’d be surprised at how many people are caught by this deceptive ploy. These things that we may see as small and insignificant may just be the thing that becomes a hindrance in our lives.

I recently entered a blogging competition and in my email I forgot to send one important detail: my age. Say that my blog piece was great, do you think the judges looked passed the fact that I left that important detail out? I may sound pessimistic, but no I don’t think so. This may just have been the platform for me to plunge into the world of media but I blew it by missing out that small, yet important detail.

It is imperative that we pay attention to detail because the “little things” do count. They count in greater ways than we imagine. It is these “little things” that can make us or break us. It’s these little things that can be determinants of our future. Start paying attention to these details before they become your biggest obstacle.


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