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Spiritual Procrastinator

Ephesians 5:15-17:24

15″ Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.”

Procrastination is or at least was one of my bad habits and so this semester I decided that it was not an option. It was just one of those habits that had over stayed its welcome in my school life; one that had to be exterminated like termites from wood only that, it didn’t eat away at me but instead my time. Quite efficiently if I might add. My precious time. Time that could have been used doing rather more important things but let me not stray from the point. Though procrastination was, for the most part, eliminated from my academic life, what say the other aspects of my life? And not just any other aspect but the spiritual side?

The Sabbath is a very important part of my spiritual life.  A day where I forget about the happenings of the week; a day of rest; a day of complete devotion to God. This day starts at sunset on what we call Friday but before the Sabbath begins I have to prepare. I have to iron, clean etc. as work on the Sabbath is a no no. As I said, it is a day of rest. Now let me get back to my point. The first few months after my baptism I took the Sabbath quite seriously. I ensured I ironed, cleaned my living area and did all that needed to be done so that I could properly usher in the Sabbath with praise and worship and the reading of God’s Holy Word. Slowly it began to be polluted. I began doing the things on the Sabbath that I should have done before. It was all apart of my spiritual procrastination.

I began to slip. I neglected my quarterly and more importantly my Bible. I read it when I wanted to and when I finally got around to it, in the spirit of true procrastinator, I put it off for a later time. I soon  saw the error of my ways. I saw that this was unacceptable. I saw that God wasn’t pleased. This week’s lesson reminded me of how important the Sabbath is, not only to us but to God. It is a memorial of creation. It is the day when he expects us to devote our all to him. The Bible verse above says you should be “making the most of every opportunity”. We should take advantage of every opportunity we get to connect with God. Only when we connect with God constantly that we can truly focus our minds on heavenly things. We should focus on those things because that is where our future lies.

Procrastination is never a good thing. The results may be dire. It can cause you to lose sight of what is important. It may cause a separation between you and God. Whether in your personal, academic or most importantly your spiritual life, my message to you is DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!


One thought on “Spiritual Procrastinator

  1. An excellent piece Nickoy I do believe that we place a lot of emphasis on procrastination in academics and work but neglect it’s attention in our Spiritual life. A timely reminder to us all.

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