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Twenty Five Percent discount for New Students at NCU

Students who apply and are accepted to the Northern Caribbean University(NCU) for the January 2015 semester are expected to get a twenty five percent discount, but although this came as good news to many some were not pleased.

This announcement came while Mr Bylton Clarke, Coordinator of the Capital Advancement Project Secretariat of Northern Caribbean University (NCU), addressed the Manchester Adventist Youth Federation (MAYFED) at the Spur Tree Seventh-day Adventist Church on Sunday, November 2.

Discount for Current Students

Camelita Levy, a second year business administration major said, “it is a good look for news students but I think returning students should also get a discount.” When asked how much discount current students should get, she said, “they should get at least five percent discount each semester, it may not be much but it can help.”

Jodian Kennedy, a mass communication major said, “I think that it is a great move by the university to offer discounts to new students, but I think that current students should also be given such opportunities, whether based on academic merit or need.”

Presenting Opportunities

Although some students think that it is unfair, it is presenting opportunities for many individuals. Mark McLean, an employee at the Registrar General’s Department (RGD),  expressed sentiments that this discount has made him rethink where he should get a tertiary education. He said, “I have been contemplating going to NCU for a quite a while now, but the tuition cost is one factor as to why I haven’t made up my mind. Although this discount is for one semester, it will help me to at least start my journey to getting my degree.”

This tuition discount comes after the NCU Mediathon, an annual fundraising event aimed at getting scholarship money for students who want to attend NCU.


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