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NICKOY WILSON for USM VP of Academics 2015/16

Why I want to be USM VP of Academics

            The United Student Movement (USM) is the premier student representational body of Northern Caribbean University and thus presents a unique opportunity to serve students. During my time at NCU, I have seen how the institution works and the culture that exists as it relates to students’ academics, support of academic based events, activities, clubs etc. and students’ attitude towards the USM. I was a part of the USM Mentorship programme 2014-2015 and so I have been exposed to the internal workings of the movement. I want to serve in the office of USM VP of Academics because I am passionate about re-energizing all aspects of academic life at NCU as well as increasing the credibility of the office and to a greater extent, the United Student Movement.

What I want to do

            If I am elected to serve as USM VP of Academics, my tenure will see the implementation of several things. My leadership will be based on four commitments: servant leadership, increased transparency, increased student awareness and increased research on campus.

A servant leader is one who cares for the wellbeing of the people he/she represents and who puts their needs first. To achieve this, an online system that will make it easier for students to put forward their academic concerns will be created. The concerns that have been put forward through this online system and otherwise, will be addressed in a timely manner so that students may receive feedback within a reasonable time frame. My servant leadership style will also see the continued staging of public forums in which students can voice their concerns.

One issue the current student body has with the Administration and the USM is their lack of transparency. I plan to address this by facilitating communication between the Administration and the student body as well as increased communication between my office and the students. Students will then be provided updates on how their grievances are being dealt with in a timely manner, the student body will be provided with monthly updates on what the office has done and a report on what has been accomplished by the office will be disseminated to the student population at the end of each semester.

I also want to increase student awareness. Several students are not aware when academics events such as the USM Debates and School Impact are being held and so I plan to effectively promote these academic based events and activities so that greater support from the student body may be received. There are also several students on campus who are interested in activities, such as debating, but they are unaware of when and where these clubs and societies meet. Through regular bulletins, students will be made aware about the meeting place and time of these various clubs/societies. I also aim to sensitise students on procedures that may become pertinent at some point in their academic careers, such as making a petition and reporting ineffective members of faculty.

Research is something that is usually only emphasized at the graduate level. There are many students on campus who will seek to pursue graduate level education after graduating NCU. I would like to establish the NCU Undergraduate Research League (URL) in partnership with the Office of Graduate Studies and Research in order to increase research by undergraduate students and to somewhat give them a head start before entering the world of graduate studies.

Why I am right for the job

            I am a highly motivated, goal oriented, industrious, passionate, resilient and consistent individual. Having been a part of the Journalism Week Fall 2013 steering committee, president of the Chaplaincy Office outreach “Touch of Faith” in Fall 2014 and a member of the current HuBSS projects team, I believe that I am suitable to take on and properly execute the tasks as required by the office of USM VP of Academics.



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