Bk Chronicles

BK Chronicles- Second Day 28/07/15

So…I thought it was a good idea to keep a record of every day I work at Burger King. I think it will be a good a piece of writing to look back at in the future, just as a reminder about where I am coming from in order to see how far I have reached. A piece of writing that will help foster an attitude of gratefulness when I may lose sight of reality and get too caught up in my self.

Let me begin. I arrived at work at about 8:50 am. By this time, restaurant operations were up and running– they open at 7:30 am after all. I quickly changed into my work clothes, then went to the sink to wash, brush and sanitize my hands. From there I went to the preparation sink (we call it ‘prep sink’), where I met up with a co-worker. She taught me how to prepare the lettuce and from there she left me to it. After I washed, cut and dried the lettuce I had to dish them out and put them ‘under the board’.( ‘Under the board’ means putting it where the sandwiches are made.)

After all that, my trainer showed me how to make the fries and how to fry the chicken patty, chicken tenders, spicy chicken and the fish. She then showed me how to use the broiler which is used to cook the burger,whopper and steakhouse patties.

For the remainder of the day, I cycled making fries and the various other things mentioned. For the first time in my life, I feel like I can cook, although I really didn’t do any of the cooking– the machines did. LOL.

Soon, my time was over and I had to leave.

Today was a great day. Today I had an extraordinary, overwhelming sense of self. It was amazing. I am expecting tomorrow to be a even better day.

**Here ends the first chapter of my BK Chronicles.**


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