Bk Chronicles

BK Chronicles- Practice Makes Perfect 29/07/15

I love food,I love restaurants and I love working in one. This was my third day working at Burger King and I must say it was a good one — even better than yesterday.

I arrived at work at approximately 8:45 am. Just enough time to change into my work clothes and to clean to my hands.

My first task for the morning was to strip and bag onions — I was using a knife. Being someone who has very little culinary skills, you can only but imagine how awkward I felt, but more so how awkward I looked. But soon the horror was over…for now.

After completing my first task, I was directed to the person who would be in charge of me for the day. I will call her Pat. She was very pleasant. During that time, Pat was manning the board (The board: where the various food items and condiments are kept for the preparation of sandwiches;where the actual sandwiches are prepared). She showed me how to make the regular chicken sandwich. First, you put mayo on the heel (the plain part) and then on the crown of the bun (the part with sesame seeds) . I made an attempt, but as my credentials as a chef are nonexistent, that didn’t work out very well. You then put on the lettuce on the crown, which also didn’t work out so well and finally you place the chicken patty on top of all of that and flip that over on the heel, which I did better than expected. I swiftly wrapped up the sandwich and sent it down the shoot. There! I made my first BK sandwich.

I figure more or less that many of the people who I work with were probably clumsy at their first several tries at making one of the sandwiches, but they soon became adept in the art of sandwich making. I guess I will be one day, after many many many tries.

For the morning I mostly observed her movements and cycled between making fries and meat products. It was soon lunch time and my co-worker (who I think has a crush on me) and I took the Whopper Jr. with Cheese combo (yes you get “free food”) and went for lunch. As usual (because me just craven), I completed my meal way before she even started to eat. We talked about how to make the different sandwiches and how to mark the wrappers which prompted me to get the training manual. It’s a huge book, but only because the pages are laminated. It has everything in it- from making sandwiches to operating the equipment. I used it to memorize how to make the Whopper Jr. with Cheese.

Lunch was soon over and we were back to our regular duties. Not much longer after,  I was told to prep tomatoes as there were none under the board. I was now back in the awkward position that I was in with the onions. The horror began again. But I had a different mind set about it. I said to myself “you know what, I might as well make an effort to be good at it.” Soon I felt like an expert, slicing the tomatoes with skillfulness. No one could tell me I wasn’t a chef  in those few short moments.  Soon I was over and it was back to the fryers.

As the day was nearing an end, I was asked to clean the mini fridge and that I did. Following that I continued manning the fryers until 5:45pm, then it was time to leave.

Today was a good day. It really was. As the days go by, I know that I will get better and better in prepping the various vegetables as well as in making the various fries. In fact, practice makes perfect.


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