Bk Chronicles

BK Chronicles: Day 4- Busy busy busy-30/7/15

It was my fourth day in and I’m exhausted. Preparing fast food is really taxing on the body, but ironically you don’t feel it until it’s time to go. My legs hurt like I ran a 10K marathon, but I’m not complaining.

My day was good (as all my other days), but a more fitting word to describe it would be tiring. I was running back and forth, getting various instructions from the persons who were at the board. One person shouted “Nickoy a pan of chicken please”, the next “one pan of Whoppers ” then another “make 16 chicken tenders for me please.” I was truly in demand today.

Today, I learned to do something new- to cook and pack bacon the Burger King way. Yes, I know bacon of all things. I was tempted to partake. Lol. It took me a while to pack them. I credit that to my inexperience. I also cut lettuce today. That seems to be becoming an everyday thing.

For lunch, I had the American sandwich. It certainly hit the spot. My co-worker (who as I said before I think she has a crush on me) accompanied me. She had the Whopper Junior with Cheese. When I was finished eating, I retrieved my phone and took a browse through Instagram. No sooner I started enjoying my break than my break was over. As is customary, the persons who go on break check the dining area after their break is up.

I went out into the dining area with my broom to do a spot sweep and with my table cleaner and rag. I went around did what I had to and took up the used trays. When I got to the door, I had to turn back to pick a tray someone just left on the table, then when I reached the door again I had to turn back for another tray left by someone. I carried the trays in and to the washing area then I was back out in the dining area to wipe of the tables again. After doing that, the security guard hinted that I should not forget to clean the glass and guess what? I was back inside then back out to clean the glass. It was finally done and so I got to go back inside for good this time.

I continued manning the fryers until the night shift arrived, after which I pre-prepped some lettuce with my co-worker. I made her laugh. Soon the day was over and it was time to say good bye until 9:00 am the next day.


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