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BK Chronicles: Cleaning Day! 2/08/15

I got the Saturday off and so I went into work that beautiful Sunday morning. I went very early because my internet at home wasn’t working and I wanted to use their WI-FI. I wanted to catch up on what was happening in social media because I felt so very left out.

When I arrived at work, I did the usual thing of changing, washing my hands and then reporting to the manager’s office. I asked the supervisor what my duty was and she went in to tell me that Sunday is cleaning day and that she would tell me what do soon.

In the meanwhile, I was given a pan of tomatoes to prep. I’d rather prepare tomatoes any day than the green smelling lettuce. I just hate the smell.

Soon the supervisor came back to me with my duties. I had the lovely task of cleaning all stainless steel things in the kitchen. That included the top of the fryers, the broiler, the hand sinks, the board and the refrigerator.

Before getting to my duty, I decided to wash all the things in the sink, which took a considerable amount of time to do. When I went on to my duties, I took a much shorter period of time to complete them.

It was now 4 o’clock and the night shift was now arriving to do their cleaning duties. I was helping out a co-worker to man the board, but soon she abandoned me.

For most of the day, there were very few orders, but as soon as I was left alone at the board, the orders started ringing up like crazy. I was so flustered, so confused, but I managed. And not only that, it was sort of a crash course for learning the sandwich recipes and now I can say I know how to make most of the sandwiches for the specialty board.

Today was a great learning experience, I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it.


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