Bk Chronicles

BK Chronicles: Kitchen Work Ain’t Easy 31/7/15

Can you believe it? I sure can’t. One week down, three to go. I am tired and worn, my legs are fatigued, my hands feel battered and my back is in pain. If at any time I doubted how tedious kitchen work is, then I was totally wrong.

I ran late this morning. Arrived just before nine. My manager noticed. You can just imagine how that panned out when I went to her office.
The day’s activities were typical: prepping vegetables, manning the fryers — the works. I was tired. Felt like I was having an out of body experience.

I had to prep 30 lbs of lettuce today. I truly hate the scent that emanates from it after it’s cut. No matter how many times I wash my hands, I can still smell it on them– all the greenery. It smells like you just cut your lawn and rain fell right after. Very green.

It was break time and this day was different. Why? Because I had lunch alone. My trusty co-worker had a later shift than I did and so had break at a later time. I really missed her company.

Break was now over. I grabbed the broom and proceeded to sweep the kitchen area. After which I got the mop and mopped the area.

When I was done doing that, I went in to my usual task of manning the fryers.

Soon my time was over and I rushed out of there, wanting to go home to get some well-needed, well-deserved rest.


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