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BK Chronicles: The Beginning of the End 17-08-15

Eleven days have passed since my last blog post and for that I apologize. It’s just that my days have become quite routine and so there is nothing new or noteworthy to talk about — in detail at least.  This blog post though, should give you some indication that I do have something to talk about now.

Let me mention the one  significant thing that happened last week; I received a commendation from my supervisor. It went something like this: “I want to commend you for the work you have been putting in. I see where you have been doing things without being told most of the time…Keep it up!”

Enough of that. Let me move on to the real point of this blog entry.

So…this week is my last week at Burger King. Yeah. I know. Time flies. I still can’t believe that three weeks have already passed. It’s a bit surreal. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was talking about my first day and how I learned how to prepare lettuce. Ha! The memories. I remember how I was so flustered one day that I had to go and take a breather. When I would prepare onions and it would burn the hell out of my eyes. When I prepared lettuce on many a day and grew to hate the “green” scent it had when it got cut (Thank God that will soon be over).

This experience has taught a few lessons, some of which I had knowledge of, but through this job, I’ve been able to experience them on a practical level. I will just mention a few of them as they will be discussed in detail in my final blog entry. It has taught me :

  1. You can do anything you put your mind to.
  2. Think more about others.
  3. Practice makes perfect.
  4. Be grateful for what you have.
  5. Nothing can keep you away from what you really want.

At the end of this week, I will sum up my BK experience, discuss the lessons learnt and why I would recommend doing a summer job at any fast food restaurant.

Thanks for reading.


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