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BK Chronicles: The Beginning of the End 17-08-15

Eleven days have passed since my last blog post and for that I apologize. It’s just that my days have become quite routine and so there is nothing new or noteworthy to talk about — in detail at least.  This blog post though, should give you some indication that I do have something to talk about now.

Let me mention the one  significant thing that happened last week; I received a commendation from my supervisor. It went something like this: “I want to commend you for the work you have been putting in. I see where you have been doing things without being told most of the time…Keep it up!”

Enough of that. Let me move on to the real point of this blog entry.

So…this week is my last week at Burger King. Yeah. I know. Time flies. I still can’t believe that three weeks have already passed. It’s a bit surreal. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was talking about my first day and how I learned how to prepare lettuce. Ha! The memories. I remember how I was so flustered one day that I had to go and take a breather. When I would prepare onions and it would burn the hell out of my eyes. When I prepared lettuce on many a day and grew to hate the “green” scent it had when it got cut (Thank God that will soon be over).

This experience has taught a few lessons, some of which I had knowledge of, but through this job, I’ve been able to experience them on a practical level. I will just mention a few of them as they will be discussed in detail in my final blog entry. It has taught me :

  1. You can do anything you put your mind to.
  2. Think more about others.
  3. Practice makes perfect.
  4. Be grateful for what you have.
  5. Nothing can keep you away from what you really want.

At the end of this week, I will sum up my BK experience, discuss the lessons learnt and why I would recommend doing a summer job at any fast food restaurant.

Thanks for reading.

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BK Chronicles: Just Take a Breather 3/08/15

Monday was not a good day. Not a good day at all. First, I left home early to get a hair cut. When I got to the barber, he was not there. I gave him a call and he said he was on his way — he arrived about an half hour later. By that time I had to head to work, so I did.

Got to work, did what I had to and went to the kitchen to pan out bacon. I was soon called away from that to prepare tomatoes because they had none under the board and what was on the board was almost finished. While preparing tomatoes, I was constantly being called to drop fries, chicken, burger and whopper patties, to refill the fries dispenser and to restock the meat wells. It was very hectic.

My co-worker (the one who I think is crushing on me) would usually be there to assist in those tasks, but she was doing something else, so I was left all alone. Alone to do all that work.

It was finally break and I must I say I was relieved. Forty-five minutes of freedom. Forty-five minutes to rest my feet. Yes, we only get 45 minutess for break. My lunch mate had lunch at an earlier time so I was alone again, but this time I didn’t mind. As usual when you are enjoying something, it seems to go by faster than you realize. My break was over. In anguish I climbed down the stairs back into the kitchen area, emptied my tray, put it by the sink, then went to wash my hands.

It was about after 1 to 2 there about. I don’t quite remember. What I do remember is that it was the lunch hour rush. I went to help out at the board, as well as to man the frying stations. Orders were ringing up like crazy and so were the requests for meats and items for the board. This is where my day got a worse.

When I was taking out the fish out of the fryer, it broke off. When I was making a sandwich the bread broke. When I went to the refrigerator to take out whoppers, the bottom of the two bags ripped open, so I had to get freezer bags to put them in. When I was putting the whoppers into the broiler, they overlapped and ended up not being cooked properly. In that very moment, I could just die.

Everything was going counter to what I wanted. I was annoyed and completely flustered. I could even tell that my co-worker who was stationed at the board was not pleased by disagreeable the look on her face.

There is a saying that goes “if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen” and that’s exactly what I did. I got out of there. I went upstairs and went to the bathroom. I had to take a breather. I calmed myself down and in the short period of 3 minutes I was back at it again, but with a positive attitude.

With a change of attitude the time went by quite quickly and soon it was time to go home. An explosion of joy of enormous proportions went off inside my body. My worse day on the job was now over. I was now free. Free from the oppression of the broiler and the fryers;free from the confines of the BK kitchen…for now.

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BK Chronicles: Cleaning Day! 2/08/15

I got the Saturday off and so I went into work that beautiful Sunday morning. I went very early because my internet at home wasn’t working and I wanted to use their WI-FI. I wanted to catch up on what was happening in social media because I felt so very left out.

When I arrived at work, I did the usual thing of changing, washing my hands and then reporting to the manager’s office. I asked the supervisor what my duty was and she went in to tell me that Sunday is cleaning day and that she would tell me what do soon.

In the meanwhile, I was given a pan of tomatoes to prep. I’d rather prepare tomatoes any day than the green smelling lettuce. I just hate the smell.

Soon the supervisor came back to me with my duties. I had the lovely task of cleaning all stainless steel things in the kitchen. That included the top of the fryers, the broiler, the hand sinks, the board and the refrigerator.

Before getting to my duty, I decided to wash all the things in the sink, which took a considerable amount of time to do. When I went on to my duties, I took a much shorter period of time to complete them.

It was now 4 o’clock and the night shift was now arriving to do their cleaning duties. I was helping out a co-worker to man the board, but soon she abandoned me.

For most of the day, there were very few orders, but as soon as I was left alone at the board, the orders started ringing up like crazy. I was so flustered, so confused, but I managed. And not only that, it was sort of a crash course for learning the sandwich recipes and now I can say I know how to make most of the sandwiches for the specialty board.

Today was a great learning experience, I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it.

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Eliminating regret by doing my best

As I thought deeply about the direction in which my life was going and whether or not it was in line with my life’s purpose, something hit me. It was somewhat like an epiphany: so sudden, but so very profound. It shifted my focus from wanting to find out my life’s purpose to what I was doing now. Was I doing enough in preparing and positioning myself for the untold future? This question reverberated in my thoughts ad nauseam. Contemplation of my life’s purpose made me myopic, to say the least. It blinded me from the many possibilities that lie ahead. I then concluded that I was not doing enough.

This semester has been particularly rough. At one point everything seemed to have been going terribly wrong. But this was not caused by any supernatural force of evil wreaking havoc in my life, no. It was me, all me. I was the one who had lost focus; I had lost sight of the goal at hand. As my classes came to an end, I looked back with utter regret. How and why did I allow myself to sink so low? Never again will I allow that to happen.

This is something I struggled with during high school. I never really gave thought to where I would end up. I lived life carefree. I was somewhat delusional. On entering university, this carefree attitude was tossed out the window for a variety of reasons. I committed to not making the same mistakes I did back then because it had left me with so many regrets. I committed to do my best. They always say “old habits die hard’ and this was proven as the carefree attitude found it’s way back into my life. This semester or rather the end of the semester proved to be a wake up calI. It reminded me of what I committed to do/ not to do when I began my tertiary education. It shed light on my many downfalls. I have since then vowed to myself never to let that happen again.

There are so many things I want to accomplish during my academic career. Things that I will accomplish only by sticking to the task. It is my duty to keep my eyes on the prize and do my utmost best. I’d rather look back and say “I have done my best” than to say “I wish I’d done better.”

In the words of the Toltec spiritualist Miguel Angel Ruiz:

“Always Do Your Best. Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.”

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NICKOY WILSON for USM VP of Academics 2015/16

Why I want to be USM VP of Academics

            The United Student Movement (USM) is the premier student representational body of Northern Caribbean University and thus presents a unique opportunity to serve students. During my time at NCU, I have seen how the institution works and the culture that exists as it relates to students’ academics, support of academic based events, activities, clubs etc. and students’ attitude towards the USM. I was a part of the USM Mentorship programme 2014-2015 and so I have been exposed to the internal workings of the movement. I want to serve in the office of USM VP of Academics because I am passionate about re-energizing all aspects of academic life at NCU as well as increasing the credibility of the office and to a greater extent, the United Student Movement.

What I want to do

            If I am elected to serve as USM VP of Academics, my tenure will see the implementation of several things. My leadership will be based on four commitments: servant leadership, increased transparency, increased student awareness and increased research on campus.

A servant leader is one who cares for the wellbeing of the people he/she represents and who puts their needs first. To achieve this, an online system that will make it easier for students to put forward their academic concerns will be created. The concerns that have been put forward through this online system and otherwise, will be addressed in a timely manner so that students may receive feedback within a reasonable time frame. My servant leadership style will also see the continued staging of public forums in which students can voice their concerns.

One issue the current student body has with the Administration and the USM is their lack of transparency. I plan to address this by facilitating communication between the Administration and the student body as well as increased communication between my office and the students. Students will then be provided updates on how their grievances are being dealt with in a timely manner, the student body will be provided with monthly updates on what the office has done and a report on what has been accomplished by the office will be disseminated to the student population at the end of each semester.

I also want to increase student awareness. Several students are not aware when academics events such as the USM Debates and School Impact are being held and so I plan to effectively promote these academic based events and activities so that greater support from the student body may be received. There are also several students on campus who are interested in activities, such as debating, but they are unaware of when and where these clubs and societies meet. Through regular bulletins, students will be made aware about the meeting place and time of these various clubs/societies. I also aim to sensitise students on procedures that may become pertinent at some point in their academic careers, such as making a petition and reporting ineffective members of faculty.

Research is something that is usually only emphasized at the graduate level. There are many students on campus who will seek to pursue graduate level education after graduating NCU. I would like to establish the NCU Undergraduate Research League (URL) in partnership with the Office of Graduate Studies and Research in order to increase research by undergraduate students and to somewhat give them a head start before entering the world of graduate studies.

Why I am right for the job

            I am a highly motivated, goal oriented, industrious, passionate, resilient and consistent individual. Having been a part of the Journalism Week Fall 2013 steering committee, president of the Chaplaincy Office outreach “Touch of Faith” in Fall 2014 and a member of the current HuBSS projects team, I believe that I am suitable to take on and properly execute the tasks as required by the office of USM VP of Academics.


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Twenty Five Percent discount for New Students at NCU

Students who apply and are accepted to the Northern Caribbean University(NCU) for the January 2015 semester are expected to get a twenty five percent discount, but although this came as good news to many some were not pleased.

This announcement came while Mr Bylton Clarke, Coordinator of the Capital Advancement Project Secretariat of Northern Caribbean University (NCU), addressed the Manchester Adventist Youth Federation (MAYFED) at the Spur Tree Seventh-day Adventist Church on Sunday, November 2.

Discount for Current Students

Camelita Levy, a second year business administration major said, “it is a good look for news students but I think returning students should also get a discount.” When asked how much discount current students should get, she said, “they should get at least five percent discount each semester, it may not be much but it can help.”

Jodian Kennedy, a mass communication major said, “I think that it is a great move by the university to offer discounts to new students, but I think that current students should also be given such opportunities, whether based on academic merit or need.”

Presenting Opportunities

Although some students think that it is unfair, it is presenting opportunities for many individuals. Mark McLean, an employee at the Registrar General’s Department (RGD),  expressed sentiments that this discount has made him rethink where he should get a tertiary education. He said, “I have been contemplating going to NCU for a quite a while now, but the tuition cost is one factor as to why I haven’t made up my mind. Although this discount is for one semester, it will help me to at least start my journey to getting my degree.”

This tuition discount comes after the NCU Mediathon, an annual fundraising event aimed at getting scholarship money for students who want to attend NCU.

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Spiritual Procrastinator

Ephesians 5:15-17:24

15″ Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.”

Procrastination is or at least was one of my bad habits and so this semester I decided that it was not an option. It was just one of those habits that had over stayed its welcome in my school life; one that had to be exterminated like termites from wood only that, it didn’t eat away at me but instead my time. Quite efficiently if I might add. My precious time. Time that could have been used doing rather more important things but let me not stray from the point. Though procrastination was, for the most part, eliminated from my academic life, what say the other aspects of my life? And not just any other aspect but the spiritual side?

The Sabbath is a very important part of my spiritual life.  A day where I forget about the happenings of the week; a day of rest; a day of complete devotion to God. This day starts at sunset on what we call Friday but before the Sabbath begins I have to prepare. I have to iron, clean etc. as work on the Sabbath is a no no. As I said, it is a day of rest. Now let me get back to my point. The first few months after my baptism I took the Sabbath quite seriously. I ensured I ironed, cleaned my living area and did all that needed to be done so that I could properly usher in the Sabbath with praise and worship and the reading of God’s Holy Word. Slowly it began to be polluted. I began doing the things on the Sabbath that I should have done before. It was all apart of my spiritual procrastination.

I began to slip. I neglected my quarterly and more importantly my Bible. I read it when I wanted to and when I finally got around to it, in the spirit of true procrastinator, I put it off for a later time. I soon  saw the error of my ways. I saw that this was unacceptable. I saw that God wasn’t pleased. This week’s lesson reminded me of how important the Sabbath is, not only to us but to God. It is a memorial of creation. It is the day when he expects us to devote our all to him. The Bible verse above says you should be “making the most of every opportunity”. We should take advantage of every opportunity we get to connect with God. Only when we connect with God constantly that we can truly focus our minds on heavenly things. We should focus on those things because that is where our future lies.

Procrastination is never a good thing. The results may be dire. It can cause you to lose sight of what is important. It may cause a separation between you and God. Whether in your personal, academic or most importantly your spiritual life, my message to you is DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!